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luxken27: (BSC - 1992)
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Inspired by [ profile] lucida's Complete Guides to Byron & Jordan Pike, I've written one for Carol, Dawn and Jeff's stepmother.

The Complete Guide to Carol Olson-Schafer

I have quite the list of characters I'm still hoping to give this treatment (including the [elder] Thomas brothers), but if anybody has any requests, let me know! =)
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Okay, so I've noticed that in the books, all adults (except for step-parents) are "Mrs. or Mr. <last name>."

When I was growing up, we only used that for school teachers or adults we barely knew. Friend's parents, parent's friends, or people I babysat for were all "Miss or Mr. <first name.>" This might be a regional thing, I've heard it's common in the U.S. south and Maryland tends to pick up both southern and northern customs.

It's only come up once in my series so far, and I defaulted to the BSC tradition, but as it comes up again I think I'd rather have kids call the girls "Miss Kristy," "Miss Stacey," etc.

I guess I have two questions, first, if anyone here is from New England, did you call your parents friends Mrs. <last name> all the time?

Second, would it throw anyone off if I used the "Miss <first name>" thing?
gloriafan: Tom and Sybil from "Downton Abbey." (Kids Inc. - Ryan)
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I have a few questions and stuff for you guys. Also, feel free to comment with the prompts you are working on, and I'll try my best to help in return.

Currently, I'm working on two prompts -

Junk Beneath the Cut )

I've been getting tons of bunnies from books lately, and I'm very excited about it ♥

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Thursday, 14 July 2011 11:30 am
gloriafan: Tom and Sybil from "Downton Abbey." (The Baby-sitters Club - Say Hello)
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Could anyone buy Byron Pike having a crush on Stacey after book eight? I'm considering it for a prompt on [ profile] babysitters100 and was wondering if there was anything hugely problematic to stop it.
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