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Hi everyone! I am finally posting this to the dreamwidth page. I'm glad the confusing thing with the posting access was sorted out.

How is everyone's WIPs going? Has anyone got any snippets to share?

I have recently unearthed my BSC muse once again and actually have something to post! It's based off this: Dee/John: I have this positively insane idea to have these two -- as Bostonians being teenagers in the 1970s -- meeting on an anti-busing protest. It was a big deal during that time period and I think it would be interesting to explore that. Would anyone be interested in reading that? I'm really interested in exploring that, but as more of a long term project.

I recently posted my WIPs on my dreamwidth journal.

Here it is under the cut.

Boston, Massachusetts

Diana Hartigan has come to the conclusion that she hates high school approximately three weeks into her freshman year, when she determines that her 'exclusive' -- read, according to Mother -- parochial school appears to be run by -- and full of -- complete idiots.

The girl to her left has a giant ring on her finger and has loudly told anyone that has made the error in judgment -- including her -- that it is a promise ring, from her boyfriend.

Diana Hartigan just sighs heavily and pulls out her annotated Shakespeare text, wishing that she was anywhere but at this stupid school.

She is fourteen years old and she has goals, and aspirations. Goals and aspirations beyond getting married at un-Godly young ages and having child after child after child. It appears that she is an anomaly.

"Romeo and Juliet is not an "accurate representation of your relationship"," she offers to the person sitting to her left, though she wonders why she bothers, because this person thinks that William Shakespeare is a "fullback on the Latin football team" and spends English and Math classes reading Tiger Beat and writing down lyrics from the J. Geils Band instead of paying a whit of attention to their teachers, old nuns who are past their prime.

But, yes, this school was best for Diana Hartigan. She couldn't dare go to a school with colored people, her mother and father wouldn't have stood for it.

And so, she sighs, and tries to carry on. It's not like she has much of a choice, is it?

"I'm sorry," her neighbor to the left says, after a moment. "What are you talking about?"

"The assignment," she tells her, with utmost patience. "You're doing it wrong."

Diana supposes it doesn't really matter, whether or not assignments are done properly, but she rather wishes it did.

She wishes that she wasn't stuck here, in this stupid private school. That she'd been allowed to go to Latin Academy, where her aspirations would have been -- at the very least -- acknowledged.

"You actually understand the assignment?"

"Of course I do," she informs her, somewhat annoyed. "It's what we've been learning for the past week!"

"You paid attention?"

Of course she had paid attention, she inwardly seethes. What else was there to do?

She grits her teeth and effectively does J. Geils Girl's worksheet for her. It's the least she can do when she realizes that conjugating sentences seems to be beyond her.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" Diana's companion -- she really should know this girl's name, they are classmates, after all, and it isn't like her to be rude -- asks her after a moment. "I have a boyfriend," she supplies happily. "He's gonna marry me and we're going to be rich."

"You remind me of my sister," she replies softly, not exactly intending it as a compliment. Lucinda is younger than Diana and she too is content to read stupid glossy magazines and concoct nearly delusional fantasies about her future.

Lucinda is also eleven.

She grimaces -- only slightly -- to herself, wishing that the older -- Diana knows she is older because everyone knows she is older -- girl wasn't expecting an answer.

"No," she says softly, almost ashamed. "I don't have a boyfriend."

The older girl looks her over -- almost disconcertingly -- and she has a feeling that she will immediately regret that admission.

"Maybe if you wore makeup you'd have one," she says after a moment. "You know, a bit of lipstick, a bit of mascara. I can get you some."

"I have makeup," she replies stiffly. "It's not supposed to be worn at school."

"Who the hell cares? This school is shit, anyways. You shouldn't even be here. You know about Romeo and Juliet and why you don't think I should want to emulate them, whatever the hell that means, and you actually care about what those numbers and letters mean in Math," she says, a surprisingly deep thought coming from someone who thought England was a continent the other day.

"Why would wearing makeup at school help?," she says after a moment. "We go to an all girls' school."

Idk. I don't know if I like it or not, but it feels good to be writing BSC fic again.

How is everyone else doing? Anyone have any prompts/progress/snippets to share? Post below! I've missed the WIP posts and BSC fic!
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Oh man, it's been so long since I wrote John/Dee! I kind of miss writing them - I was just writing them so muuuuch.

I'm working mostly on Charlie/MA right now, and I'm contemplating [ profile] het_bigbang because I actually have a big Stacey/Robert idea that would be separate to my current 'verse, but idk idk.

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I have a quite a few ideas brewing right now! Only a few these have actually been started, but I hope I get at least a prompt or two completed. All of the following are based on prompts at the [community profile] sweetcarousel challenge.

The first, in response to my own prompt asking for fic about Logan being a normal/awesome/sweet guy, would go for either prompt nine or prompt twenty-one, in which Logan finds himself crushing hard on Charlie Thomas (confusing him terribly). Because who wouldn't get a crush on Charlie Thomas?

The second, in response to another one of my own prompts requesting a Doctor Who fusion fic starring Byron and Jeff, will go for prompt thirty-seven. I have lots of ideas for heartbreaking, timey-wimey sci-fi stuff. Very different from what I usually write, so IDK.

The third, in response to my M/M prompt and seconded by [personal profile] ozqueen, is a David Michael/Linny fic, which is finished and currently being beta'd by [personal profile] mkrobinson. I would post an excerpt's all PWP. It will fill prompt twenty-three on my table.

The fourth, a birthday fic for [personal profile] isabelquinn, is a KiMCC fic which shows a bit of Ms. Colman's personal history, and relates it back to that of Natalie Springer's. It's still very much in its early stages, but it looks like it might be posted the soonest, for prompt sixty-four.

The fifth is an awkward shaving fic, based on a prompt by [personal profile] baseballchica03. The premise is three individual ficlets in which Charlie, Sam, and eventually David Michael ask Watson how to shave. It will go for prompt twenty-four if it ever gets posted.