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WIP Post

 What has everyone been working on in BSC fic lately? This post is open for anyone to comment on. 
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Soooo many things I will probably never finish.

- A Stacey/Mary Anne fic that is slightly D/s that I just can't seem to get written. It's been in my WIPs folder for a realllly long time and I've been toying with it lately but IDK it might just be time to let it go?

- A Richard/Sharon fic set in early canon that has Sharon ultimately deciding she wants Richard more than she wants Trip.

- John/Dee fluff set during Boy-Crazy Stacey.

- Kristy & Sam gen with lots of Kristy angst, which I am hesitant about continuing just because there's this weird wiring at the back of my head which protests to Kristy angst? I'm so used to her being the one to comfort everyone else but this fic has her pretty whumped and I'm not sure it's convincing :(

- A fic I considered entering for [community profile] iddyiddybangbang that started as a twisted/darker version of Neighbour where John Pike's new secretary has this scary obsession with him and goes to ridiculous lengths to try and win him for herself.

- Another fic that's a much lighter idea of the above where John's secretary has a crush on him and Dee thinks it's hilarious.

- Something that's been languishing in my WIPs folder for literally years which I dug out a few weeks ago, wondering if I can polish it up and finish it - AU fic where Richard never won Mary Anne back and she was raised in Iowa with Bill and Verna. When they die she finds a bunch of letters from Richard and realises that he fought really fiercely for her, so she goes to find him.

- Another candidate I considered for [community profile] iddyiddybangbang - tropey amnesia fic where Mary Anne wakes up in hospital and realises she's missing the last four years of her memory and she's now married to Charlie Thomas, and the two of them have to figure it all out from the beginning.

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Ooh, I will be happy to give you an opinion about the Kristy & Sam fic! I can picture her having angst about something, and I really like the idea of Sam being the one to comfort her about it.

Also very intrigued by your MA-raised-in-Iowa idea. That seems to be like it could blossom into an out-of-control epic fic, but an intriguing one nonetheless.

I wish I had ideas like you, LOL. My well has run dry! Nothing in my drawer-fic file is worth rejigging. I know how hard it is to give up on something that you're driven to write but can't figure out how to. It sucks >:(
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I have two rough fics that I wrote during fandom stocking last year that I haven't had time to polish up and post yet, both Charlie Thomas-centric. One is a missing scene from FF#1 where he and Patrick bury the hatchet, so to speak, and the other is another piece of my 'Count Me In' series, also from Charlie's POV. I have a couple of other ideas for entries in that series but haven't had a chance to do more than jot them down in my notebook. I want to finish my SMC challenge first, but I really need to post fic that other people might actually want to read, LOL.