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bsc prompt meme

Hey guys! I thought we could all use a little fic-jolt to maybe get things moving, so I'm posting a prompt fest!

• Prompt as many times as you like, but only post one prompt per comment.
• Any characters within the BSC 'verse are fair game, as are crossovers/fusions/AUs/whatever
• You can fill any prompt, including your own
• If a prompt has been filled, it doesn't mean it's off the table - fill it again!
• Be as specific or as vague as you want/need to be in your prompt - if you only want a g-rated gen fic, say so. If you don't care, leave it open and the writer can assume you're cool with whatever they'll put forth.
• Warn for high ratings/adult content/triggers etc, both in the request and in the fill, if need be.
• Feel free to use prompts/fills as the solution to other challenges around the place, such as [community profile] babysitters100 - and post anywhere you like, just be sure you link your fill as a reply to the original prompty comment.
• If you don't want to write a full fic, you can post a 100-word drabble, or a "three sentence" fic as a fill instead. The aim here is to just kick-start some ideas!

Example prompt:

Kristy and Mary Anne realise they are about to be separated for the first time in their lives as they prepare for college. Any rating, gen only, other characters appearing is fine.

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Claudia Kishi / 100-word drabble / buttercream
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Five times Stacey McGill kicked ass at math (5x exact double drabbles)

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1. Bake sale

“Okay, so… are we tripling the recipe or quadrupling it?”

“Quadrupling,” declared Claudia. “It’s chocolate chip cookies! That’s just good sense.”

“I don’t think I have enough flour to quadruple,” frowned Mary Anne, rummaging through the pantry. “I want to use up the last of this bag, though. So we’re gonna have to do weird quantities.”

“No problem,” breezed Kristy. “I’ve already measured out the flour, we’ve got two-and-a-half cups.”

“And the single recipe asks for three-quarters of a cup.” Stacey paused. “Multiply everything by three-and-a-third.”

“Are you sure, Stace?”


“Oh, I can do this! That means we need three-and-a-third cups of brown sugar!” Claudia took a quick bow. “Thank you, thank you. No autographs, please.”

“And five-sixths of a cup of white sugar,” added Stacey.

Kristy rolled her eyes. “So, in normal people language, a little under one cup?”

“That’ll do,” Stacey agreed.

“It’s not really practical to split an egg in thirds either,” added Mary Anne. “Just use three big ones.”

“What about the chocolate chips?” asked Kristy. “Do we multiply those?”

Claudia sighed. Wordlessly, she ripped open the oversized bag of chocolate chips, and dumped the entire thing in a bowl.

“Just use them all. Duh.”

2. Robot warfare

“Are you sure you want to do this, Stacey?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Dori frowned. “It’s just… that whole scene is kind of jock-heavy, you know?”

“Hey!” protested Kristy. “Just because Stacey’s a girl, doesn’t mean she can’t bash the shit out of some frat boy’s robot.”

“That’s not what I mean! Of course she can do it, I don’t doubt that.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“It’s that… okay, I might have totally misread this thing, but my gut feeling is that the culture is going to be kind of toxic. Like, I have a bad feeling that the guys there will be really rough on you because you’re a girl.”

Stacey shrugged. “I thought of that.”


“And… well, I’m doing it anyway.” (Kristy whooped.) “It looks like fun! Plus I really want the extra physics credit.”

“I’ll help,” volunteered Claudia. “Like, not with the robotics, obviously, but with the aesthetics. We’ll make the sexiest punk-rock robot ever! It’ll be awesome. Plus you can totally use my phone to call Janine if you need actual help.”

“I’ll come with you on the day,” offered Dori.

“Me too!” enthused Kristy. “Can we make banners this weekend? When are you guys free?”

3. Budget proposal

“Mom.” Stacey nodded gravely. “Good morning.”

“Morning, Hon.” Maureen glanced with suspicion at the charts and tables propped up all over the dining room. “Should I be worried?”

“Not at all! Just the opposite. I have a budget proposal that I think you’ll find very exciting.”

“Uh huh,” said Maureen wearily.

Pointedly ignoring this lack of enthusiasm, Stacey pushed onwards. “I’d like to propose the possibility of my getting a car for my eighteenth birthday. Now, if you’ll look at this chart…”


“…you’ll notice that I’ve mapped my projected income for the upcoming fiscal year against standard ongoing costs. Gas, insurance, et cetera.”


“I know the match-up isn’t always perfect, but there are multiple factors that this graph doesn’t take into account—“

“Stacey! Stop!”

Her face fell. “Already? But I have tons more data, Mom—”

“No, that’s not it.” She gave her daughter a rueful grin. “Sweetie, I can see you’ve put a lot of work into this, but I got a call from your Dad yesterday. He wants to buy you a car for graduation.”

Stacey blinked. “Oh.”

“You’ll still need to pay the ongoing costs,” warned Maureen. “Don’t throw out that graph.”

4. Blackjack

“Welcome to the Thomas-Brewer Casino!” Karen flashed a dazzling grin, elbow-length sequined gloves sparkling. “Here’s $1000 worth of chips, drinks are at the bar, and don’t trust Sam.”

Stacey blinked. “What?”


“Got it,” laughed Stacey. “Thanks for the warning.”

Strains of jaunty piano music floated through the air. The most raucous activity was located in the lounge room, where Charlie was taking bets on sporting events across multiple TV screens.

“Classic Kristy, right?” Claudia materialized at Stacey’s elbow, vintage cigarette holder dangling from her fingertips. “Her Mom wanted an excuse to dress up, and she still manages a twenty-first birthday that’s basically beer and a ball game.”

“Clever. How are your bets going?”

“Um, not so good,” she replied sheepishly. “I’ve lost everything.”


“Seriously, don’t ever let me into a real casino.”

“What happened?”

“Sam.” Claudia shrugged. “He’s got a stacked deck, or something.”

“Mmmm,” Stacey narrowed her eyes. “Come find me in an hour?”

After forty-five minutes, while Claudia was enjoying an aggressive Texas Hold ‘Em battle between Alan Gray and Shannon Kilbourne, Stacey slid gracefully into the next seat. A crisp twenty-dollar bill was in her hand.

“He’s not as smart as he thinks he is.”

5. Expert testimony

“Ms. McGill?”

Stacey leaped to her feet. “Yes, that’s me. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Stone.”

“Likewise. Would you like a drink?”

“A glass of water would be lovely.”

“Of course.” He gestured towards his office while his assistant whirled out the doorway, presumably to get Stacey her water. “After you.”

Mr. Stone’s office had one of the most spectacular views of Central Park Stacey had ever seen – and she had spent her childhood attending events with Laine’s family.

“Take a seat, Ms. McGill. Now, I assume your boss has run through the basics of the case?”

“Very broadly.” Stacey crossed her ankles, and gently smoothed a wrinkle out of her skirt. “She said it was to do with large-scale international fraud.”

“That’s correct. This case is extremely complex, and we’re partway through assembling a team of expert witnesses. Just so we’re clear about the goal of this meeting today, I’ll be assessing whether you’re a suitable addition to that team.”

Stacey nodded. “I understand.”

“Great! Let’s get started. You studied at Columbia?”

“Yes,” she confirmed. “My doctoral dissertation was in Corporate Finance.”

“Tell me about it.”

Stacey broke into a grin. This was going to take awhile.

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Anything that focuses on at least one of the Papadakis kids. They can be any age; you can focus on just one, or two, or all three; and the fic can be any length (three sentence fic is perfect, but if you feel like writing an epic multi chapter then go for it!). Just as long as it's Papadakis city <3
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Kristy Thomas & Emma Swan, any length
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Mallory/Ben, Riverbend Hall, any length
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Fic about one or more of the Delaneys. Any length, any rating. Can be shippy (Amanda or Max in a relationship) or just gen--I don't care. The only thing I don't want is fic focusing solely on the parents. I've just always been intrigued by the Delaneys and would love to see more of them!
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[personal profile] lucida 2015-03-13 06:02 pm (UTC)(link)
A Divergent AU where the Pike triplets each go into different factions at the Choosing Ceremony.
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Margo Pike character study. Canon, crossover, and AU are all fine.
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[personal profile] lucida 2015-03-13 06:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Alex Snyder (California Diaries) character study. Angst, any rating.