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extended family


I've got a little plot bunny nibbling at my brain, but I wanted to ask, before I start to develop it any further - what info do we have on the extended family members in the BSC 'verse?

I'm particularly interested in the Pikes right now, but I'm happy to take information on ANY of the families. I want to know about grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Where do they live, what are their names, are they still alive/when did they die?

Even if you think it should be obvious that I know, feel free to list it here for others who might want it for future reference.

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There really isn't much at all known about the Pike extended family. Obviously, the most useful tool (for Dee's side of the family, anyway) is the family tree in SS #15.

So, Dee's maiden name would be Hartigan and her maternal grandparents would have the last name Carr. Then, of course, Phil and Marie Strauss are Dee's cousins, but you can find that in the CG. (It's sort of my head canon that the Strausses are first cousins on Dee's mother's side.) We don't have names for John's parents, or any aunts/uncles/cousins aside from Uncle Joe. We also don't know where any of the grandparents live, except that they live pretty far away and that the Pike kids really don't see them often or have much of a relationship with them. Mallory talks about how she's unsure how to even act around older people, and then goes on this tangent about grandparent-grandchild relationships she's seen on TV and wonders if it's really like that in real life. So, yeah. Mallory does talk about her grandparents like they're still alive, though.

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there's also the Pike cousins in SS15.
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Captain Obvious time: Mary Anne's maternal family, so scandalously uncovered in Mystery #5 and explored in the later books.

There's also Jessi's family back in New Jersey, who all lived in the same neighborhood. She and her cousin Keisha share a birthday, IIRC. (I really need to get on my Jessi-centric reread, LOL.)