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ozqueen ([personal profile] ozqueen) wrote in [community profile] babysitters1012014-01-19 01:18 pm

works in progress and BSC writing goals for 2014

Happy 2014, you guys!

Time for a quick works in progress post/goals post/head canon discussion post to launch the new year? ♥

• How many unfinished works relating to [community profile] babysitters100 do you have saved?
• What's the one you're most excited about or most eager to finish?
• Pick one and discuss why you're stuck on it. Is there anything we can help you with?

• Have you got an idea of how many prompts you'd like to finish this year?
• Did you set any goals last year? How did you go?
• Are you going to try anything different this year?

• Pick one (or all) of these three characters: Kristy Thomas, Alan Gray, Jackie Rodowsky
• What are they like in 5+, 10+, 15+ years time after canon?
• Do they go to college? Where? What do they study?
• What do they do for a living?
• Do they get married? Do they marry anyone we know? Do they have kids?
• Do they live in Stoneybrook or have they moved away?

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