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work in progress post

I missed the last WIP post so I thought it was time to make a new one. (I'm only sticking to DW though; if someone wants to make one over @ livejournal, feel free!)

Some questions to get us all chatting, perhaps? (None mandatory.)

- What are you working on at the moment?

- Open up any of your works in progress and share an excerpt with us.

- Take a look at five prompts from your table and write a sentence or two - fic, summary, stream of consciousness, whatever - for each one. See if it kick-starts a complete fic!

- If there was fic posted to the comm tomorrow, who/what would you like it to be about?

- Have you seen the BSC PROMPT MEME?

- Do you have any fic recs, interesting thoughts, meta, etc you want to share?

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I want to hear more about Cocktail! Logan/Shannon was something that I didn't know I needed.
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Record! I want to read this immediately. ; P
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When life finally slows the fuck down (again), I'm going to poke at my Charlie/Janine project. BBC03's favorite non-canon ship post for the 30-day meme kickstarted my brain and I think I've figured out a way to get out of the corner I backed myself into. We'll see.

Once I finish my big IY project, I'm definitely going to tackle [personal profile] lucida's giftfic. Again.

I swear, I started this year with the best of intentions, LOL.
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We just need a few weeks (or months) in the zone, LOL! Good luck with het bigbang...even tho my stories tend to be stupidly long, I never really mean for them to be. The idea of writing 25K words on a deadline is quite frightening!
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Excerpts from what I'm working on; and then I'll reply to the other questions.

From my Dee/John fic; prompt maybe Shallow or Explore:

"Aww, come on," Caterina whines, pushing the cup of beer in her general direction, so close that Diana can smell it, the cheap American lager sloshing its way over the edges of the cup. "Just have a sip. It's not gonna kill you."

She primly shakes her head. "We're not eighteen," she tells her, feeling ridiculously out of place, feeling like she's a little kid, and not a high school freshman. "It's illegal."

Caterina blows a bubble and pops it loudly, shaking her head.

"Don't be an idiot," she says, rather loudly. "You can't tell me that you really care about the law. You just don't wanna get in trouble."

"It smells gross," she says in reply.

"Of course it does," she said. "It's 'Gansett. You think any of us can afford the good shit? Well, you probably could, but who'd let you purchase?"

Diana doesn't dignify the vaguely insulting comment with a response.

"You said there'd be guys here," she murmurs, wishing she'd worn a thicker sweater.

"There will be," she says, confidently. "Smart guys, like you, from the Latin."

Caterina says the name of the exam school like it's the name of the Bible, and it makes Diana inwardly roll her eyes.

"Your boyfriend's friends?"

Her companion's eyes flash. "We're pre-engaged," she says witheringly. "He gave me a ring. It's real opals. It cost him a lot of money." She presents her left hand to Diana, smiling proudly. "When we get married, I'll be able to afford Coors."

"Coors?" Diana really hopes she's misheard her. "The beer?"

Caterina nods. "Yeah," she says. "Sometimes he buys it for me, but it's really expensive. You could probably afford it, livin' in that fancy house an' all."

[I was inspired by this post to see if I could write any more of it, that was the result. Dee is right about to meet John, but I haven't written that bit yet.]

From my Byron/Jeff fic; prompt deep:

"You never told me you were afraid of the water," Jeff says to me, and I shrug, wishing that I'd never agreed to invite him to Sea City on spring break, wishing I'd just gotten over my fear of the depth of the water, really just wishing a lot of things.

"It's not water," I say finally. "It's the depth. I can't see the bottom and it makes me crazy."

Jeff let out a heavy sigh. "It really isn't that bad," he said. "The water."

I wonder if he literally means the literal water -- the literal Atlantic Ocean in front of the two of us -- or if he means something more about his comments, like he's using the water as a stand in for something else.

"It's creepy," I say, insistent. "Who knows what's lurking beneath the surface?"

Jeff rolls his eyes. "Please. It's the Jersey Shore. There's more dangerous things lurking on the boardwalk."

I sigh. "I don't expect you to understand," I say, hugging myself. Not only is it cold -- well, colder than usual -- on the beach, I neglected to wear a sweatshirt, or even a t-shirt, in one of the less bright decisions that I'd made in the past week.

"Make me," he says, stopping abruptly. "Make me understand. I want to understand."

He touches my wrist and I instinctively bristle, hoping he doesn't notice the electrical currents that every incidental touch he gives me brings. That he doesn't notice the light flush that's appeared on my face. That he doesn't notice a lot of things, really.

"I told you, okay? I don't like going into the ocean when I can't see the depth. That's it. There's no 'hidden meaning', or anything."
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As I said in the last WIP post, I have a quite a few ideas I'm messing with right now. I really, really want to complete at least one more of these before [personal profile] ozqueen posts her Master List of Awesome. Copy/pasted from my last comment with a bit more elaboration.

The first, in response to my own prompt asking for fic about Logan being a normal/awesome/sweet guy, would go for either prompt nine or prompt twenty-one. Basic plot is that Logan finds himself crushing hard on Charlie Thomas and that confuses terribly. There's lots of fantasizing and Logan questioning how his brain got so kinky. Because, seriously, who wouldn't get a crush on Charlie Thomas?

The second, in response to another one of my own prompts requesting a Doctor Who fusion fic starring Byron and Jeff, will go for prompt thirty-seven. I posted the basic plot on [personal profile] lucida's journal not too long back: In which Jeff is a companion who dies and The Doctor somehow looks just like him and has his memories the next time he regenerates. Byron becomes his next companion. Angst ensues when Byron realizes that this mysterious alien looks just like an older version of his deceased best friend. I still haven't figured out the conclusion, but I really like this, so I'm going to at least keep all my notes handy.

The third, a late birthday fic for [personal profile] isabelquinn, is a KiMCC fic which shows a bit of Ms. Colman's personal history, and relates it back to that of Natalie Springer's. It's still very much in its early stages, but it looks like it might get finished the soonest, for prompt sixty-four.

The fourth is an awkward shaving fic, based on a prompt by [personal profile] baseballchica03. The idea is three individual ficlets in which Charlie, Sam, and eventually David Michael ask Watson how to shave. It will go for prompt twenty-four if it ever makes it past my WIP folder. :P
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Aahhhh! I am only just poking around dreamwidth for whatever reason and just saw this. That sounds adorable.
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- What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I have a stupidly full plate. I have the two excerpted fics that I posted in the comment above and I signed up for Het Big Bang.


Yeah, I know. I'm apparently a martyr. One of the big bang fics is a Sweet Valley fic and the other one is BSC. The BSC one is a Jeff/Charlotte fic.

Of course, guess who has nothing written for either of those.

- Take a look at five prompts from your table and write a sentence or two - fic, summary, stream of consciousness, whatever - for each one. See if it kick-starts a complete fic!

Mirror: Anna didn't understand why Abby had to steal her haircut too. Wasn't it bad enough being identical twins -- and her having to wear her scoliosis brace -- without her sister becoming her shadow? The events of Abby's Twin through the point of view of Anna.

Sister: "Oh, for God's sake, Janine," Claudia said, flipping through the latest issue of TeenZine. "You aren't dying," she informed her. "Don't we go through this every month?"

Janine thought about the query for a moment, and reluctantly nodded. "I suppose you may be right," she said.

"You always overanalyze," Claudia replied. "Take a chill pill. You're having cramps."

Hair: It had been easier the first times, when she was in elementary school, to wear her bandanas and ill-fitting wigs. No one really cared, because they were kids. But somehow, this time was different. She was sixteen. She was supposed to be better.

Now there was no Kids Club and no trip to Disney World. Just hospital visits and chemo and hair in the shower drain.

Ignorant: It wasn't that Logan tried to be a jerk. He really didn't mean to be one at all. He just couldn't help himself. Things with Mary Anne were safe and comfortable, at least while Jeff was dating Kerry. And then they weren't, when Kerry had caught Jeff and that Pike boy together. [A companion piece to 50 Kinds of Awkward]

Write: "Why did you stop writing?" Jessi asks me one day as we sit in the cafe, sipping cups of coffee.

"It wasn't fun anymore," I reply, tucking a strand of hair -- chemically straightened -- behind my ear. "Life got too real."

"You were writing about field mice," she points out.

I sigh. "It's hard to write about field mice once you're not eleven."

- If there was fic posted to the comm tomorrow, who/what would you like it to be about?

OMG anything. Like for real. I want to read anything. <3

- Have you seen the BSC PROMPT MEME?

Yes I have and I really have been meaning to write fic based off the prompts.

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I'm not really working on anything with any regularity. I have WIPs (that I've had for the past year or longer, in most cases :/ ) and I sort of just float between them depending on what I'm feeling at the moment, idk. My two "main" projects are probably my Zeke fic and my Ducky the spy fic. I also have an idea for a California Diaries fic, loosely based on Ender's Game, that will probably never happen. And I'm apparently going to try to write Hunger Games/BSC.

Here's the first couple scenes from Ducky the spy, because why not:
As Ducky enters the apartment he shares with his brother, Ted throws a small package at him. Athleticism has never been Ducky’s thing; the package bounces off his elbow and lands on the ground at his feet. He bends to pick it up.

“Found it on the doorstep, bro.” Ted says. He raises an eyebrow, curious. “Who is it from, you think? I couldn’t find a return address.”

Ducky’s name is written in neat scrawl across the top, in handwriting that looks vaguely familiar. He turns it over, investigating. No luck. “I don’t know,” he muses. Ducky walks into the kitchen and grabs a knife. He tears into the package.

Laying inside, cushioned with brown paper, is a pair of black sunglasses. They really aren’t Ducky’s style. He pulls them out of the box, confused.

“Sunglasses,” he calls to Ted. “Probably from Sunny. She was just saying the other day that ---”

He cuts off, his eyes catching view of a white sheet of paper in the bottom of the box. The same neat scrawl that was on the outside of the package is also on the paper, and now Ducky knows why it looked so familiar.

“Dude,” Ted is in the kitchen now, staring at Ducky concernedly. “You look like you just saw a fucking ghost.”

Even if Ducky was capable of speaking, he doesn’t know what he would say. He can’t take his eyes off the note.

Ted frowns and leans forward, reading. The green ink pops on the thick white paper:

We need to talk. Will be in touch.


Alex died three years ago. Ducky remembers the night he got the call, he’s played it in his head a thousand times.

It was a drug overdose, they said. Alex got into the party scene pretty hard in university. Sometimes Ducky worried about something happening to his friend, but he didn’t think Alex would die. It never even seemed like a possibility.

When Alex died, Ducky felt empty.

It took him the better part of two years to come to terms with his friend’s death. Then, just as he is starting to move on, he gets something like this.

The package was someone’s idea of a sick joke, he decides.

It doesn’t explain the inclusion of Alex’s handwriting, but Ducky isn’t thinking about that.

He’s not. Really.
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Oh God, that sounds amazing. I'm a sucker for anything starring Ducky, especially those with a supernatural/sci-fi twist! I want something to come of this so badly, omg.
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Yay thanks! Have you seen/heard of the show Chuck? This fic is inspired by that, although not in any way that requires knowledge of the show's canon.
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Haiii! SUPER.

What are you working on at the moment?
Ummm, the Pike-siblings-all-ask-Mallory-for-advice prompt from the prompt meme. And I've also been trying to problem-solve/outline my SHS Reunion story, which I really must must get back to...

Open up any of your works in progress and share an excerpt with us.
This is from "Glass", which is my longest-standing WIP. It's been started and in my WIP folder for pretty much the entire life of this comm, and while this excerpt isn't all I've got written on it, it isn't going anywhere fast... anyway:

Tee Kilbourne has never particularly liked her given name, which is Tiffany.

The reasons for this are many and varied: just to begin with, Tiffany has always seemed to her to be a pink, frothy, frilly kind of name, and Tee is not a pink, frothy, frilly kind of girl.

And then there's the fact that it seems so out of place in between her sisters' names. She's always thought of Shannon as the kind of name that will never really go out of style, no matter how popular or unpopular it is in any given year. Shannon is a strong name with a little bit of softness around the edges – much like Shannon herself, really. And Maria is a straight-up classic, a bit old-fashioned but never really dated, feminine but not too frou-frou. Not to mention the fact that Maria is named after Great-Grandmother Wallace, and Shannon was chosen to honour Nana Kilbourne's Irish heritage. Tee was named after a jewellery store, and despite her mother's protestations that Tiffany's & Co. represents Class with a capital C, Tee herself has never managed to think of it as anything other than... well, a little bit trashy.

“It's actually a medieval name, you know,” Maria had informed her self-importantly when she was going through her nerdy etymology phase in fifth grade. “It's a derivative of Theophania, and a lot of girls who were born on the Epiphany in the Middle Ages were named Tiffany.”

Tee was unimpressed. “Nobody in the real world knows that, Maria. Nobody ever thinks, 'Tiffany – hm, ancient name given to people born on a specific date'. Not helpful.”

Then, as Tee's parents' relationship had gone downhill and eventually fallen apart, Maria had stopped even trying to be helpful (self-importantly or otherwise) and had spiralled instead into a state of near-constant antagonism. She knew that she could always get a rise out of Tee by muttering “Tiffy-Tiffy-Tiffy-Tiffy...” under her breath, so quietly that no one else could hear her.

Shannon, always eager to fix things for her next-younger sister, had tried to come up with a nickname once she learned that Tiffany was so disliked. Tee had gamely given fair consideration to belaboured and sometimes bizarre-sounding variations ranging from the fairly obvious (Tiffa, Fan) to the somewhat more obscure (Iffan). Nothing had stuck.

It was Mallory Pike who had finally hit on Tee, which Tee actually likes, in ninth grade. “You know,” she'd said idly one day, “My mom's real name is Diana, but nobody other than my Nana ever calls her that. Everyone calls her Dee. We could call you Tee...”

And it had kind of... clicked into place. She felt like Tee, in a way that she'd never really felt like Tiffany.

Take a look at five prompts from your table and write a sentence or two - fic, summary, stream of consciousness, whatever - for each one. See if it kick-starts a complete fic!
I'm not going to do this right now, but it looks like a fun exercise and I may come back to do it later! :)

If there was fic posted to the comm tomorrow, who/what would you like it to be about?
Ohhh, I'm really hurting for some Stacey/Charlotte fic this week. The other day I hunted down/reread/bookmarked a couple of old favourites, but I'd love something new to squee over!

Do you have any fic recs, interesting thoughts, meta, etc you want to share?
Interesting thought/important announcement! I have just signed up for AIM with my gmail address which is leith-dot-harris-at-gmail-dot-com, and I think I got my AIM account added to my pidgin thingy properly, and I would really like to be doing some fandom-squeeing with some of you people, because I am lonely and have things to squee about. (Even when it says I am away, I am usually actually online. YAY!)